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The Villa Rhôna is located next to the Marc Seguin bridge, with its iron cables and its central pier, it is the oldest suspension bridge in France and still in service. It was built in 1827 by Marc Seguin, the brilliant inventor of Annonay. 

A nugget of our territory: The ideal Palace of the factor CHEVAL: Ferdinand Cheval will spend 33 years of his life building a grandiose and useless work, simply out of his imagination and recognized today as a masterpiece of Art Brut, a work classified as "Historical Monument" by Malraux in 1969. 

Of the remarkable Priories:

The priory of Manthes whose history dates back to the year 1000 and founded by the Abbey of Cluny. Paintings or sculpures are regularly exposed


The priory of Charrière built in the fifteenth century by the minor Franciscans on the remains of a Romanesque church of the tenth century.


The priory of Saint Agnes, which depended on the Abbey of Tournons, also dates from the 10th century.



Considered the birthplace of the Dauphiné, the visit of the archaeological site of the castle of Albon imposes itself, you will also discover a beautiful panorama on the Rhone valley



Heritage is also natural curiosities as a magical and mysterious place: The rocks that dance.


Between Drôme and Ardèche, other curiosities deserve the detour ...


Annonay is a town that has marked history and we advise you to visit the Canson and Montgolfier Paper Mills Museum.... it is the history of paper, the wonderful calculations of the Montgolfier, the inventions.

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